Virtual Offerings

Take advantage of the virtual options: classes, challenges, recipe group, 5ks, meditation and more. Don’t forget to make an account on the Portal to access all of the group exercise classes by Cooley and Elevation Corporate Health. Once you make your account, get the Boost by Elevation app in the Apple or Google Play stores!

Virtual Workout Classes live & on-demand

Elevation LIVE & Elevation Station

Elevation Live: live virtual fitness classes that fit your schedule

Elevation Station: video library of on-demand fitness classes

Undergraduate Gym

Johns Hopkins Recreation Center @ Homewood Campus

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Johns Hopkins YouTube Channels

Video library: exercises, workouts and mindfulness



Join our Cooley Center recipe group using our Google drive share link

Virtual & In-Person Running Events to Join

New Year’s Resolution                                                                     January 1-31st 2023

Little Patuxent River 10K & Half Marathon                                      February 5th 2023

Programs written by CPTs

WOW (Workout of the Week)

AMRAP – 15 Minutes
    • 10 Push-Ups
    • 15 Air Squats
    • 20 Knee Crunches
    • 200 m. Run

Virtual Personal Training

At-home live virtual training with reduced prices

Live Virtual Personal Training Prices


Free Access to Calm App for JH users

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Bingo Cards

Wellness Activities:

Fitness/Wellness Bingo

Wellness Bingo