The Arrow Fitness Center

Denton a. cooley center

Experience the power of fitness. Balance your body and mind with our programs

The Cooley Center will remain open until the end of July or early August.
There will be a short overlay period (one or two weeks) to move equipment to the new centers adjacent to campus.

Membership includes the Cooley Center & 9th Floor Fitness Satellite location
in the Bloomberg School of Public Health M-F 7AM-7PM

Membership Options

Contact for more info

Employee Membership

For employees that work at JHU, JHH, KKI or BSI. This includes Employees, Faculty, Staff, Interns, SOM Post Doc Fellows, Volunteers, and Trainees. This is month to month membership with the fee charged to a debit or credit card. Cancelation required in writing via website form.

Payroll Deduction

Bi-weekly & Semi-monthly employees will be deducted $18 per paycheck. Weekly employees will be deducted $8.31 per paycheck, all totaling $36/month. Six-month minimum initial requirement! Cancelation required in writing via website form.

Student Membership

Free -Membership access for Cooley Center/9th Floor Fitness Center for full time students of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, School of Public Health and School of Nursing.

Housestaff/Resident Membership

Membership only for Housestaff/Residents. Must be on list covered by their department. Spouses can get Family/Partner Student Memberships.

Non - Subsidized Student Membership

For students affiliated with Hopkins not subsidized by their departments. Krieger School for the Arts, Education, Carey Business School, Whiting School of Engineering, Homewood/Undergrad, Peabody, part-time students.
Cancelation required in written form via website form.

General Membership

"Non-employee" but should have access: spouses/partners of employees, spouses/partners of fellows/post-docs, patients, patient family, volunteers, etc. Cancelation required in writing via website form.

Family/Partner Student Membership

For spouses/partners of SOM, SPH or SON students that are Cooley members.

Managed by Elevation Health

Since 1994, Elevation Health has been dedicated to providing clients with exceptional fitness, wellness and health management services. Elevation Health supplies on-site fitness center personnel, management and leadership to help build community engagement. We help solve the people equation for fitness and wellness programs.

With one of the most notable client satisfaction track records in the industry, Elevation Health is well-versed in how fitness facilities and the activities that fuel their success are created and sustained. Having worked with over 2,800 fitness facilities worldwide, Elevation Health's involvement means putting passion, motivation and growth behind your fitness and wellness programs – leading to healthier communities, lower healthcare expenses, positive wellness-forward environments, and happier lives.

We believe in the power of fitness and wellness to improve nearly all aspects of life, and we meet people where they are to encourage participation and ensure a positive return on every level of fitness investment. It is our goal to foster open and dynamic relationships with all of our participants — to help create and sustain the healthiest communities, organizations and environments possible. That's who we are and why we do what we do, every day.