Locker Rentals

Located at 1620 McElderry Street, Baltimore, MD 21205

Downstairs Storage Lockers & Women’s Locker Room. There are plenty of day-use lockers available in each locker room at Cooley. You need to provide your own lock for the day-use lockers. In addition, we have long-term locker rentals. The downstairs storage lockers are for anyone to rent and they are $3/month. The women’s locker room rentals are $6/month.

Downstairs Storage Lockers

Please do not use the storage locker area as a changing area; it is not secure and anyone has access to walk through. Provide your own lock, once you have rented a locker.

Womens Locker Rentals

You must provide your own lock for the women’s locker room rentals. Top lockers are not guaranteed, but we try to accommodate requests.

Locker Use Rules